Assisting The Blue Penguin Trust

Fiordland Coast Walks has recently taken up an opportunity to assist The Blue Penguin Trust with its annual survey on 22nd – 26th August.

FCW Features in the New Zealand Herald.

Geoff Wilson makes his way over the West Coast's Hope River. Photo / Greg Bowker
Geoff Wilson makes his way over the West Coast's Hope River. Photo / Greg Bowker

Check out this great article by Greg Bowker for The New Zealand Herald...

Southern exposure: Our wild West Coast in the frame
"There are parts of New Zealand unlike anywhere else in the world. They still remain quiet and untouched; breathtaking and naturally wild."

and also this photo gallery by Greg Bowker of the 5 day tramp.

Cleaning up the back of beyond

Fiordland Coast Walks Cleaning up the Coastline

This story was published online at  - By Marjorie Cook on Sun, 12 Feb 2012

It seems inconceivable South Westland's rugged, remote, boulder-piled beaches should be polluted by plastic. But at the foot of most driftwood mountains, there's a drink bottle, a sea-battered fishing float, or a tangle of ropes and nets. Marjorie Cook reports.

Te Wahipounamu South West New Zealand

Posted on UNESCO -

Te Wahipounamu comprises the least-disturbed tenth of New Zealand's land mass, with some 2 million hectares of temperate rainforest, 450 km of alpine communities, and a distinctive fauna. It contains the best modern representation of the ancient flora and fauna of Gondwanaland, including Podocarpus species, genera of beech, flightless kiwis, 'bush' moas and carnivorous Powelliphanta land snails.

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