Personalised Walks


Fiordland Coast Walks

We at Fiordland Coast Walks love this entire coastline and could spend days and weeks and months ambling along and taking in its entire spectrum of possibilities. You may be similarly attracted to such a place, but wish to go about it in a different manner. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities. We are sure we can provide the journey you are after. Such possibilities may include:

  • slower and shorter daily hikes allowing more time for exploration
  • hiking the entire length of coastline over six or more days
  • rest days allowing for personal activities 
  • corporate team-building adventures
  • school and other youth groups
  • disabled groups and people with other limitations
  • physical activities such as fishing, swimming, diving, seafood gathering, hunting, inland exploration
  • interests such as archaeology; gemstones and other fossicking; artistic or photographic; or perhaps spiritual or simple time alone
  • greater physical exertion with faster and longer daily hikes
  • private hikes for a special occasion.

Let us know. This coastline is boundless in its possibilities.


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